Aggregates - Part 1

Course Description: We may think about aggregates as just a pile of sand and stone. Aggregates are actually a critical component of any concrete product. In this course we discuss how the properties of our aggregates including size, shape and texture affect our concrete performance. We also discuss the influence of aggregate color and freeze-thaw durability. Finally, we touch on two specialty aggregates – lightweight aggregates and regrind used as an aggregate.

After taking this course, learners will understand:
• How aggregate properties affect manufactured concrete products
• The impact of aggregate size, shape, and texture
• The importance of prewetting lightweight aggregates
• The benefits and limitations of using regrind as an aggregate

***Para acceder a los subtítulos en español, simplemente inicie un curso y haga clic en el botón de "cc" que se encuentra en la parte inferior de la pantalla.***

education track: Concrete 101 - Raw Materials **Now with Spanish Subtitles**

Delivery Method: Online

Format(s): SCORM

Internal Course Code: Agg-01

Duration: 1h

Point of Contact Name: Ben Kaiser

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