Pozzolans - Slag and Fly Ash

Course Description: Join us as we travel deeper into cementitious materials to include pozzolans like fly ash and slag cement. In the previous course on cement, we learned about the cement hydration process and how it is related to strength gain. In this course, learn about the related pozzolanic reaction and how pozzolans can replace some of the cement to help us make high quality products with reduced impact on the environment and improved performance. However, like cement, using too much pozzolan can be detrimental. We show you how to avoid the pitfalls and optimize the benefits of pozzolans.

After taking this course, learners will understand:
• The properties of the most common pozzolans – Class C and Class F fly ash, and slag cement
• The environmental benefits of using recycled waste products from other industries as pozzolans
• How using pozzolans can reduce the potential for efflorescence through the pozzolanic reaction
• The important limitations of using pozzolans
• How much can be used in a mix – typical cement replacement percentage

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education track: Concrete 101 - Raw Materials **Now with Spanish Subtitles**

Delivery Method: Online

Format(s): SCORM

Internal Course Code: PSF-04

Duration: 1h

Point of Contact Name: Ben Kaiser

Point of Contact Email: bkaiser@acmchem.com

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